Nano-CBD & Bio-Availability

Nano CBD technology 10X


Nanotechnology is the study of small structures, in this case, nano CBD technology is the study of extremely small cannabidiol structures, having a size between .01-100 nanometers, compared to the regular CBD crystal structures, that are approx 4.440 nanometers. YES! the comparison is huge, but something is clear, size reduction makes our body can get full absorption and feel all CBD active effects.

Most of the regular CBD products are made with the traditional CBD oil, as being such large particles, some of that particle nutrients are lost in different organs of our body, is like they get stuck and lose their path to get fully absorpt, but after all the body didn't completely absorpt it.

Created by nature boost by science, nano CBD technology is improving effectiveness and reducing the cost per dose, making it the ideal option to choose between the current CBD products on the market.

CBD nano technology 10X

As we know our bodies are kind of 60% water, the regular CBD oil products resist absorption, that's why most of the absorption is not fully developed; but nano-CBD technology improves bioavailability, so you can be sure you'll get all benefits from the CBD product.

bio-availability bloodstream CBD10XAnd why the nutrient DELIVERY is so important, and how it would impact your body receptors? An example, a regular CBD product is 600mg, but its actual active effect is between 4% to 10%, it doesn't matter if it enters your bloodstream, the important thing is which of that amount will have an active effect on your body! and that's how Nano CBD Technology works; if you get a nano CBD momentum 10X product you'll get 100% of the active effect on your body, and that's the most direct and effective comfort.

So if you don't know what type of CBD Product will fit best for you, definitely

NANO CBD TECHNOLOGY is the most innovative and effective option. It's not just what you get, is more about what you FEEL! 

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